What Happens When You Exercise During Your Period


Many women will have a different opinion on whether they should exercise during their periods or not. This is a common question among women – to workout or not to workout during that time of the month.

During periods, women are very likely to feel low on energy and prefer to stay in bed on the first day of their period. You don’t really feel like doing any kind of physical activity due to the addition of menstrual pain. And most women ditch the gym around this time because they think exercise or workouts might injure them.

But, it might come as a surprise that exercising during your period can help release the menstrual cramps, help with PMS, and combat mood swings. Surprised, right?

Why Working Out Is Beneficial?

It is normal for every woman to feel irritated, have anxiety, with increased craving for food and so on. Exercising during periods is beneficial, as it affects the hormone levels. Though it may be unpleasant to exercise during this time, exercise will make your period manageable. The endorphins are released during a workout, which acts as a natural painkiller. However, don’t push yourself too much if you are experiencing a heavy flow and dealing with painful cramps.

These are the primary benefits of exercise during your periods: It will boost your mood and combat PMS. Exercising beats fatigue and headaches. Eases menstrual cramps and enhances blood circulation. Exercise keeps your body cool. Exercise helps with annoying period-related symptoms.

What Exercise Is Best During Your Periods?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a hard-core cardio workout. You can go out for a walk or go jogging for a few minutes. You could also try menstrual cramp-relieving yoga stretches, light cardio workout or exercising at home. Whichever exercise is light you can do what you feel like doing at that time. At the end of the day, it’s important to listen and understand your body.

Exercises You Should Avoid During Periods

During menstruation, there are a lot of hormones working together inside the body. The abdomen area is also sensitive during this time. So, you should avoid doing intense training and abs exercises during that time. Also, avoid doing inverted yoga poses, which can lead to more period flow and painful cramps.

No Injuries During Exercise

Exercising will not cause any injuries. A light workout is not harmful though, it might be inconvenient, as there are chances of staining the clothes. However, many women prefer to workout during periods, because it helps them to get rid of the painful menstrual cramps. If you like working out during your periods, don’t stop yourself, as the body will undergo physical activity that may help combat period-related problems. This will keep your body energized and stress free.


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