There’s Nothing To Panic About The 13 Digit Mobile Number Reports. Here’s The Truth


No matter how much responsibility they carry, there’s always a section of media which takes the things out of context and creates panic among people.

There were reports recently that mobile phone numbers will be no longer of 10 digits anymore and they will be converted into 13 digits. The bullet was fired through the shoulders of DoT (Department of Telecommunication) so everyone had to believe it.

However, there was only partial truth to such reports. Officials from Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and telecom industry body COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) have confirmed to TOI that orders from DoT regarding conversion are not about the mobile numbers we use to communicate but the M2M numbers.

The DoT order that was served to telecom communications was meant for the implementation of 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M communication.

As per the DoT orders, the conversion must start from Oct 1 this year-

“Migration of existing l0-digit M2M numbers to 13 digits will start latest by October 1, 2018 and shall be completed by December 31, 2018.”

As per TOI, the DoT has also asked the service providers to “ensure that their network elements including IT and other relevant systems are aligned with 13-digit numbering for M2M SIMs before July 1, 2018

What is M2M Communication?

M2M is a technology that plays a giant part in the wireless communications we do these days using our mobile phones. It enables the connected devices to communicate with each other by the help of the wireless network.

All the telecom operators provide SIM based M2M services to enterprises. The technology falls under the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and the government is really interested in its rapid growth at this moment.

Talking about the new 13 digit number shift, COAI Director General Rajan S Mathews said-

“This has been considered by (the) DOT. They will be the ones to give final instructions and notice to (the) operators.”

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